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  1. Bernie March 19, 2021

    Hi people!
    I can recommend any liquids by Ultimate Puff! I personally like Iced Raspberry, Blue slush and Lemon and Lime Cola!

    They’re all tasty, and seem to last a while!

  2. Alex Gummery March 19, 2021

    Hi everyone,

    Would highly recommend any of the vintage range of juices! Amazing taste and value for money!

    My favourites are Vimto (it actually tastes like the real thing) and definitely the strawberry and kiwi flavour it’s really refreshing.

    I also found the menthol really good when I just wanted a mint taste.

  3. Hayley-Marie Gummery March 19, 2021

    Hello vape fans!

    Dinner lady lemon tart is by far the best juice I’ve ever had would highly recommend it!

    Dinner lady range is so full of flavours!

  4. Hayley-Marie Gummery March 19, 2021

    Hi everyone 👋

    I would recommend the dinner lady range, currently I am vaping Lemon Tart and it is the best!

    I have tried several different brands and this one is by far the best! Connect 2 vapes are absolutely amazing. 5* service.

    Thank you!

  5. Reg March 19, 2021

    The Joe’s Juice PUD range is an absolute must for dessert lovers. My personal favourite is vanilla custard. And £15 for 200ml you can’t go wrong

  6. sam allan May 15, 2021

    fantastic range of e liquid, biggest ever
    great quality service – and offer delivery 🙂

  7. ricky.wilcox May 29, 2021

    The best vape shop in the Midlands. Juice selection, coils, tanks and advise is second to none

  8. Amanda March 9, 2022

    Hi do i get a discount code to use if I am buying the 10ml flavours if I buy 4 or more please

    • C_onnect_2_Vapes March 14, 2022 — Post author

      yes for every 4 you buy they are £10, please use the code ”4410”

      • Lisa June 21, 2022

        Quick Question I bought a tornado today which doesn’t seem to be burning the juice its not pulling through to get smoke can I bring it back for a replacement or refund

  9. C_onnect_2_Vapes June 23, 2022 — Post author

    Sorry to say taste is a very personal thing – we agree with you that Vimto is not great but not as bad as you experienced it. Lemon Ribena would come under the same category – you would have to try it.

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